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100 Day Event — Day 12, 13

Day: twelve

Theme: elven


<a href=”″>model</a&gt; by <a href=””>faestock</a>
<a href=”″>fire overlay</a> by <a href=””>resurgere</a> and <a href=””>wroth</a>
<a href=”″>background</a&gt;, <a href=”″>clock(s)</a&gt;, and <a href=”″>sword(s)</a&gt; by <a href=””>FantasyStock</a&gt;


Day: thirteen

Theme: Spirit challenge pt. 1 (Draw a character (one of your OCs or a generic character) in their undies! Write a one-sentence description of their environment and personality)

A currently nameless OC. She is a fallen star and is very regal and serene, but can also be rather condescending.

No face because I suck at them.



100 Day Event — Day 11

Day: eleven

Theme: sisters


A continuation of this story.

Every time Aida closes her eyes, she sees blood and Emery and Evangeline. Evangeline–the girl that was her, yet not. The girl that should have had her life, her parents. The girl that she had once wished would show up one day so they could be sisters.
The thought almost makes Aida laugh in bitter contempt. Sisters. Yeah, that hadn’t worked out. When Evangeline had shown up, she had been angry and hateful–and no longer human. And while Aida knows it wasn’t really her fault, she still blames herself. Because she had stolen Evangeline’s place; she had been placed in her crib, while Evangeline was whisked away, and Aida had never considered that she might actually be alive. She had always just assumed her dead.

And now Emery was gone. Because of her. Because she had stupidly thought she could get close to someone, that she could have something worthwhile in her stolen life. But Evangeline was quick to take that away from her.

Aida pulls her knees up to her chest and huddles against them. She wishes she was home, but she had to leave. She had known that if she stayed, Evangeline would eventually come back and kill her parents, even if they were Evangeline’s parents as well. The vampire had clearly shed any memory of her old life–she didn’t want anything to do with it. Killing her parents would be easy.

“Found you.”

Aida’s head snaps up and she finds Evangeline standing in front of her–eyes dark and animal-hungry–and suddenly she is very afraid, even as she struggles to her feet so that her dark counterpart isn’t towering above her. But being taller than Evangeline didn’t make a difference because the vampire emitted dark waves and energy that chilled Aida to the core.

“What do you want?” she asked. “You killed my best friend already. I’m suffering. Are you happy? Isn’t that good enough?”

Evangeline moves closer and stares up into her face, grinning like a madman.

“Happy? Good enough? Please, don’t be naive, sweetheart.” Evangeline stabs a finger against Aida’s chest. “I want to destroy you. Everything you are. Everything you love. Everything that brought you to this point in life. I want to destroy it all.”

Aida’s breath catches in her throat, her mind flashing to her parents.

“Don’t,” she breathes out.

Evangeline laughs, her voice high and shrill, on the verge of insanity–no. She surely passed that point a long time ago.

Don’t? You have got to be joking.”

Aida tries to regain her composure, but she’s still shaken, too shaken, and her voice trembles when she speaks. “But you…you have to still have some love for this life…right?”

She searches Evangeline’s face for any sign of humanity, but all she sees is vicious lines and bared teeth.

“No,” Evangeline says, her voice sounding more controlled than it had during the rest of the conversation. “There is nothing for me to love of the life I should have had; it is foreign to me. I never had it, so I don’t miss it.”

Aida feels a flash of sorrow shoot through her as she imagines a younger Evangeline–who had been kidnapped from her home as a baby and replaced by a monster–scared and alone, no parents, no friends, only a cruel man taking care of her. She wonders what that girl would have thought about–did she wish for a life like the one Aida had taken from her? Or did she simply wish for the whole world to burn?

She opens her mouth, an apology on the tip of her tongue, but Evangeline’s fist is smacking hard against her face, and she finds herself spinning and falling to the side. She crashes to the ground, holding her hand against her cheek, which throbs and burns and aches all at once. She glances up at Evangeline.

“Don’t you dare,” the vampire hisses, fury seething in her voice. “Don’t you dare say it. Don’t you dare apologize. I don’t want your pity. I want you to suffer.”

“What will that do?”

“It’ll make me feel better.”

Aida stares at her as her heart beats wildly in her chest. She knows that she needs to get away from the vampire, far, far away, but she feels trapped and she fears that running will get her parents killed. Maybe if she stays…maybe Evangeline will spare her parents.

“Okay,” she says. “Do whatever you want to me.”

Evangeline kneels down in front of her. “Why, sister, are you really that stupid?”

Aida doesn’t look at her. She’s too afraid to see whatever expression twists her face.

“What I do to you,” the vampire continues, “will be the last thing on the list. Your life–the life that should have been mine–I’m going to make sure it’s in ruins, burned and crushed until there is nothing left. I will wipe your life from existence, from memory.”

Aida couldn’t help but look at her now, though she wishes she hadn’t because in the vampire’s eyes is a darkness so deep that Aida fears she’ll be lost in it.

“What do you mean?” she whispers, though she thinks she already knows the answer.

Evangeline grabs the collar of her shirt and jerks her forward. “I mean, dear sister, that anyone you’ve everyone come in contact with, any place you have been, anything you’ve touched or looked at–I will destroy it all. And then I will destroy you.” She pushed Aida away and stood up. “So I’ll see you around, Aida.”

And then Aida was alone again.

100 Day Event — Day 8

Day: eight

Theme: reinterpret a character/story from mythology

(Re-telling of the story of Icarus.)




<a href=”″>Good Evil Wings PNG 04</a> by <a href=””>Thy-Darkest-Hour</a&gt;

Model (<a href=”″>Aqua5</a&gt;) by <a href=””>faestock</a&gt;

<a href=””>Watercolor background</a> by <a href=””>ArtistMef</a&gt; on Creative Market

<a href=””>Geometric symbol</a> (behind model and on background) by <a href=””>Marish</a&gt; on Creative Market

100 Day Event — Day 5, 6, 7

Day: five

Theme: mirror



Day: six

Theme: unicorn

The fog swirled thickly around my feet, obscuring the beaten-up pathway that I was walking on. I could only just barely make out the glow of streetlights up ahead, but I walked on, towards the flow.

I was so focused on making it to the light that I tripped over something lying in the path, which sent my sprawling across the ground, the fog shifting, almost angrily. I looked behind me to find a child, on her side, a pink backpack with a unicorn on it clutched in her arms.

I slowly made my way towards her.

“Hey,” I said. “Are you okay?”

“I want my mommy and daddy.”

I knelt down next to her. “Are they here somewhere?”


“Oh. Well, where do you live?”

“I don’t know.”

I glanced around, hoping that maybe her parents were here after all, but the fog obscured everything except for that hopeful flow farther up the path.

I looked back down at the girl and held my hand out to her.

“If you want, I can bring you to the police station. They’ll be able to find your parents.”

The girl sat up, the backpack shifting towards the light a little bit more, so that I could see a dark smear running across half the unicorn, which I could only assume was mud from when she’d fallen in the path.

“Really?” she asked. “They can find my parents?”

I nodded, and she took my hand. Her skin was cold, which worried me. How long had she been out here in the fog, alone, scared? She could have died.

As we walked towards the light, I continued to cast glances at her. For some reason, I was having trouble distinguishing her features–dark shadows blotted out parts of her face, hair, and clothing. It was the backpack that stood out distinctly for me–the white unicorn almost seeming to glow in the dark.

“What’s your name?” I asked.


“It’s nice to meet you, Shari. I’m Elaine.”

The girl didn’t answer, so I decided to just focus on walking and getting her to the police as fast as possible. Or maybe a hospital first. What if she was in danger of dying?

I watched the blurred lights of the streetlamps, but a sickening feeling was beginning to bloom in my gut. I would have thought those lights should be getting larger by this point, but they were still small, still so far away.

I looked at Shari again.

“Shari, what were you doing out here.”

“I want my mommy and daddy.”

“I know that, but…why were you here? Did you get lost?”

She stopped walking, so I did too. Her hand felt like ice against mine. She turned her head up towards me–a dark shadow covered half her face.


I shivered and tentatively reached a hand out towards her. My fingers brushed her cheek and they came away wet. I looked down at them to see them smeared with blood.

“Shari, you’re bleeding. What happened?”

I brought my attention back to her, and realized the mud on her backpack wasn’t mud after all, but blood. And all those shadows? Blood.

My hands shook.

“Oh my god,” I said, voice trembling just as badly as my hands.

This kid might really die. There was so much blood.




Day: seven

Theme: draw your pet; panther


100 Day Event — Day 1, 2, 3

The 100 Day Event is an art challenge where you have to make one piece of artwork (whether it be a drawing, photography, writing, etc.) for 100 consecutive days using one (or more) of six different themes.

Here is what I’ve done for the first three days. After this, I’ll be posting each piece of artwork as I make it for each day.


Day: one
Theme: phoenix

In Her Wake (with poem)


Day: two
Theme: obscured

The Hiding Game (with poem)


Day: three
Theme: figurative art, questioning

The Meaning of Life