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100 Day Event — Day 12, 13

Day: twelve

Theme: elven


<a href=”″>model</a&gt; by <a href=””>faestock</a>
<a href=”″>fire overlay</a> by <a href=””>resurgere</a> and <a href=””>wroth</a>
<a href=”″>background</a&gt;, <a href=”″>clock(s)</a&gt;, and <a href=”″>sword(s)</a&gt; by <a href=””>FantasyStock</a&gt;


Day: thirteen

Theme: Spirit challenge pt. 1 (Draw a character (one of your OCs or a generic character) in their undies! Write a one-sentence description of their environment and personality)

A currently nameless OC. She is a fallen star and is very regal and serene, but can also be rather condescending.

No face because I suck at them.